Refer & Earn Rs.100

Dura cabs Referral

What is Refer and Earn?

Earn up to Rs.10,000 by referring your friends to join Duracabs. You will receive Rs 100 for every successful referral. Your friend will also receive a surprise but guaranteed cashback reward on making his/her 1st Booking on Dura cabs Services

Just 3 EASY steps to Refer and get Rewarded

  • Click on the “Invite” Button & share your invite link on WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, or Twitter.
  • Ask your friend to click on the invite.
  • You get a flat Rs.100 cashback for each friend who completes their 1st Booking on Dura Cabs Services

Terms & Conditions

  1. Special Limited Period Offer - Refer and earn up to ?10,000 cashback.
  2. For every successful referral, you will get flat ?100 cashback. Your referred friend will also get a surprise reward after completing his/her first services using Dura cab services
  3. You can refer up to 10 new friends in a month and up to 100 new friends in total.
  4. You and your friend will be eligible for the cashback if all the following conditions are fulfilled-
  1. One. Your friend should not have an account linked to Dura Cabs.
  2.  Your friend should have clicked the share invite link before linking their dura cab account.
  3. Your friend must complete at least 1 booking within 7 days from the purchaser's account.
  1. You and your friend will get the cashback within 7 days after you are eligible for the cashback.
  2. If your friend is referred by multiple Duracabs users, the cashback will be processed to the DuraCab user whose shared invite link was clicked before linking the bank account with Duracabs.
  3. Cashback will not be processed to you if your account is not found in Dura Cab. To get the cashback, you need to have a Dura cab account within 7 days of being eligible for the cashback.
  4. Cashback will be processed in the primary bank account linked to Dura Cab.
  5. Dura Cab reserves the sole right to change the terms of the offer or discontinue the offer without any prior notice to the Customer.
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