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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Satara

Pratapgad Fort

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Pratapgad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated close to the famous hill station of Mahabaleshwar in the district of Satara, the citadel rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground.

Much of the fortifications are still intact, and the fort is a popular tourist destination. There are four lakes within the fort, many of which overflow during the monsoons. There is a watchtower just beside the Mahadarwaza, or the main entrance, at the end of the motorable road. About 60 years ago, they installed a statue of Shivaji Maharaj in his full glory. There is a Bhawani temple at the top of the fort, and a cultural library showcasing the heritage of the fort. There is a handicrafts centre en route to Pratapgad from the base village, which draws a lot of tourists. And you can take Taxi Services In Agra with DuraCabs.

Thoseghar Falls

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The stunning Thoseghar Falls are located near the village of Thoseghar at a distance of 20 km from the city of Satara in Maharashtra. The Thoseghar Falls are a series of waterfalls with some falls as high as 15-20m, whereas, the highest fall plummeting from a height of 200m.

The tranquil scenic surrounding landscapes coupled with the thunderous sound of the gushing water are the main attractions of the Thoseghar Falls. The viewing platform allows getting a sufficiently full view of the gorgeous waterfalls. Thoseghar is best visited during the monsoon and is an easy weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai. Besides, being a great hangout for nature admirers the falls and surrounding landscapes are also known for sheltering various bird species. And you can take Car Rentals In Chandigarh with DuraCabs.

Vajrai Falls

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Vajrai falls, also known as Bhambavli Vajrai falls, is at the height of approximately 260 metres. It is located in Western Maharashtra in the district of Satara. The waterfall is the origin of the River Urmodi. The waterfall declines in three steps from a vertical cliff. This fall is chronic and hence never dries up. It flows for the whole of 12 months. Rich green mountains and various enchanting valleys of flowers encompass the falls. The atmosphere around these falls is pleasing and helps loosen up. The place is quite clean, and hence it is a plastic free zone. For the whole purpose of safety, swimming is prohibited in the base of the fall as also the rock faces are slippery.

These waterfalls are located at about 25 kms from Satara, 145 kms from the city of Pune and 300 kms from Mumbai city. Commuting to these falls is easier with any public or private transport with trekking up to this fall as one of the options. The NH 4 would lead us to this spectacular Waterfall by a private vehicle. Satara Junction is the closest in the case of public transport. The best duration to visit the Vajrai Falls is during the season of monsoon. It is one of the adventurous base points for the trekkers during heavy rains. And you can take Mathura Vrindavan Tour By Car with DuraCabs.

Sangam Mahuli

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Sangam Mahuli and Kshetra Mahuli are two villages that are located at the confluence of the Venna and the Krishna rivers in the Satara district of Maharashtra. This place is a popular pilgrimage destination in Satara. It is famous for the 18th and 19th-century temples that boast a typical Maratha style of architecture. The village of Kshetra Mahuli is on the other side of River Krishna. Ramshastri Prabhune, a popular political and spiritual advisor of the Peshva period, is believed to have been born at this place. This Destination is a must-visit place for heritage and architecture enthusiasts.
Advisors recommend travelers to be careful when visiting the village during the monsoon season. Frequent river flooding can lead to the prohibition of the entire area on some days. And you can take Delhi To Dehradun Cabs One Way with DuraCabs.

Ajinkyatara Fort

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Raja Bhoj constructed Ajinkyatara Fort on one of the Sahyadri mountains which consist of seven mountain ranges, that was built in the 16th century. The elevation of this fort is 3,300 feet. Initially, it was named after the son of Aurangzeb, Ajim. Narayan Hari Apte, a Marathi novelist, changed the name of this fort from ‘Ajimtara’ to ‘Ajinkyatara.’ It is the most historic places in Maharashtra and one of the best tourist spot in the district of Satara.

The Ajinkyatara fort gives an astonishing panoramic view of the whole of Satara City. Four-meter high fortification protects the fort. There are two gates: the main gate placed at the north-west and a small gate at the south-east. Various temples devoted to Indian deities, such as Lord Shankar, Lord Hanuman, and Devi Mangalai, exist. Visitors be a guest of this fort for mountaineering, trekking and hiking.
The best time to visit Ajinkyatara fort is from November to February. It lies at a distance of 5 kms from Satara, 58 kms from Mahabaleshwar. The top of the fort is directly accessible by any private vehicle too. The nearest junction is the Satara Junction. And you can take One Side Taxi with DuraCabs.

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