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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar Fort

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Ahmed Nizam Shah built Ahmednagar Fort in 1490. The fort is circular shaped, featuring 18 metres high walls and 22 bastions support it. Ahmednagar Fort, which is currently under the control of the Indian Military Command. The Fort’s defence system comprises of 24 towers and a 30 metres wide and 4 to 6 metres deep ditch. Access the fort through suspension bridges spanning a 30m trench, providing the only route to the two entrances.

Ahmednagar Fort has seen one too many invasions and has survived each one of them.
Many empires and rulers, starting from the Mughals, controlled the Ahmednagar Fort throughout its historical existence. The history of the Ahmednagar Fort suggests that rulers used it as a royal prison. One such instance which stood out was when the Ahmednagar fort was used by the British to captivate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru along with some other Nationalists who were a part of the Congress Working Committee, in a house arrest during the Quit India Movement of 1942. This fort is where Nehru wrote his book “The Discovery of India”. The Fort has transformed some rooms into a museum, and visitors can also access the Leaders’ Room.

Tomb of Salabat Khan II

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Mistakenly known as Chand Bibi Palace, the monument is the Tomb of Salabat Khan II. Salabat Khan II served as minister to Murtaza, the fourth Nizam Shah, after the execution of Changiz Khan in 1579.
A three-storey structure made of stone constitutes this monument. The Tomb provides a great view of the entire city and is visible from any part of the city. Initially planned as a seven-storey complex, the monument was ultimately constructed as a three-storey structure. The Building has eight sides of a plain simple structure.

Cavalry Tank Museum

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Established in 1994 by the Armored Corps Centre and School, the Cavalry Tank Museum in Asia is a unique repository featuring nearly 50 vintage Armored Fighting Vehicles. Notably, the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Armoured Car, the oldest vehicle on display, sets the tone for a historical exploration. Transitioning through British-origin tanks like Valentine, Churchill Mk VII, Matilda I, Centurion Mk II, and Archer Tank Destroyer, visitors encounter a diverse array of armored vehicles. Tanks of US origin, such as the Sherman Crab, M3 Stuart, and M47 Patton, join Canadian and Imperial Japanese models in an intriguing display. Further enriching the experience are Nazi German, French, and Soviet-made tanks, culminating in the pride of India, the Vijayanta Main Battle Tank. And you can take Taxi Services in Agra with DuraCabs.

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Meherabad was an ashram established by Meher Baba in the year 1923, in Arangaon Village as a haven for his followers. The Ashram soon transformed into a place of pilgrimage after the death of Meher Baba and his samadhi in the Ashram. The Site has facilities for the accommodation of Pilgrims who visit in large numbers every year, especially on the Amartithi . Meherabad is located at a distance of 9 km from the city of Ahmednagar. And you can take Cab Booking Agra with DuraCabs.

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary

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Rehkuri Sanctuary, spanning 2.17 sq.km., harbors the rare Indian Black Buck, making it a famous habitat for this species. The Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 80 km away from Ahmednagar City in the Karjat Taluk. The Sanctuary serves as a safe haven for nearly 400 Black Bucks. People in Maharashtra easily recognize the Blackbuck, known as ‘Kalvit,’ by its magnificent spiral horns, color, and long jumps. In India, it predominantly exists as the sole member of its genus. Furthermore, India has only four sanctuaries known for the Indian deer. The Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary in Maharashtra is one of the best places for blackbuck sightings.
In the 1980s, authorities established the sanctuary, and at one point, the blackbuck population dwindled to 15. Today Rehekuri is home to about 400 blackbucks making it an excellent example of sustained conservation. Besides, the sanctuary is also the abode to various other wildlife and birds. The jeep safari from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, as well as, walking or trekking along with a guide are the best ways to explore the sanctuary. And you can take Delhi to Agra One Way Taxi with DuraCabs.

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