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Things To Do In Tawang | A complete travel guide

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Duracabs Services extends a seamless travel experience to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, with a myriad of offerings. Firstly, their fleet of well-maintained vehicles ensures comfortable journeys through the challenging terrain, providing both safety and reliability. Additionally, their professional and knowledgeable drivers add a personalized touch, sharing insights about the region’s rich cultural and historical significance. Moreover, Duracabs prioritizes punctuality, ensuring timely arrivals and departures for a hassle-free experience. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their customer support, catering to individual needs. In essence, Duracabs Services not only facilitates transportation but also strives to make the journey to Tawang an enriching and memorable adventure.

These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Tawang

Sela Pass


Sela Pass, a lifeline for Arunachal Pradesh, stands among the breathtaking Himalayan vistas, offering a heavenly experience to behold. The Sela Pass and Himalayas combine to enchant one and all by their mystic beauty. One of the most stunning gifts of nature to the North-East, Sela Pass is a lifeline for the people of Arunachal Pradesh as it is the only way that connects Tawang district of the state to the rest of the country. Sela Pass, with its geographical significance, offers breathtaking snowy landscapes and beautiful views of the eastern Himalayan range. The rocky pass is also home to one of Arunachal’s most beautiful lakes – the Sela Lake. Being a sensitive region, one needs an inner line permit to visit Sela Pass.

The Sela pass and the Sela lake situated at an altitude of 4170 meters are a gateway to Arunachal and in a way tell you the treasures that lie ahead within the state. Being at Sela Pass and gazing into the frozen Sela Lake one cannot help but marvel at the wonder that is the Himalayas. Sela pass lies on your way to Tawang city which is some 80 km from the pass and does make a great place to stop and relax admiring the awesomeness of the surroundings. And you can take Agra To Jaipur Taxi with DuraCabs.

Tawang Monastery


Nestled in picturesque surroundings, Tawang Monastery, also known as Golden Namgyal Lhatse, stands out as one of Arunachal Pradesh’s gems. Standing at 3,000 meters, it’s the world’s second-largest monastery, with Lhasa claiming the top spot in global monastery rankings. The monastery is believed to be 400 years old and has control over 17 gompas in the region. Built as a large mansion, it is an abode for over 300 monks. Lying amidst the Himalayan ranges, it offers a breathtaking view of the Tawang-Chu valley. One of the most prominent attractions in the monastery houses is the massive statue of Lord Buddha which is 8 meters in height.

The three-storeyed building was founded by Merak Lama Lodre Gyamtso to complete the wish of Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso, the 5th Dalai Lama in 1860-61. It belonged to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism and had a religious association with Drepung Monastery of Lhasa, which continued during the period of British rule.
Dukhang, the main temple, showcases splendid interiors with intricate artwork, including sketches and paintings depicting the beauty of Bodhisattvas. The library is stocked with valuable old scriptures like Kangyur and Tengyur. All other primary structures have the traditional style of Buddhist architecture which will make you swoon. The vibrant festivals celebrated in the monastery are an icing on the cake. And you can take Cabs From Agra To Delhi with DuraCabs.

Madhuri Lake


Being home to the Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is home to many beautiful lakes but none as beautiful and enrapturing as the Madhuri Lake also known as Sangetsar Lake. One of the remotest lakes of the country and perhaps of the world as well, Sangetsar or Madhuri Lake is a breathtaking combination of rocky mountains and an ever-present lake whose beauty is beyond spellbinding. Bollywood’s Koyla popularized Madhuri Lake, named after the lead actress, attaining fame for its scenic allure and breathtaking beauty.

Madhuri Lake, at 12,000 ft, 30 km northeast of Tawang, amidst Himalayan mountains, captivates with upright tree trunks like guardians. A cherished site for Indian and Tibetan Buddhists, they annually gather here to offer heartfelt prayers, forging spiritual connections. Madhuri Lake is a bounty of nature which amazes you, dazzles you and rejuvenates your soul. And you can take One Way Cab Delhi To Jaipur with DuraCabs.

Nuranang Falls


A largely unknown and virgin place, deep in the forest of Tawang, Nuranang Falls offer a pristine and beautiful experience. Nuranang Falls, among the country’s most spectacular, features a stunning 100-meter descent, presenting a beautiful white sheet of cascading water. Nuranang Falls, from the Nuranang River at Sela Pass, stands as a unique gem, popularly known as the BTK Falls.

A day tour to Nuranang Falls on the Tawang to Bomdila journey allows relaxed and enjoyable moments by the waterfalls. High hills, thick greenery, and mist surround the falls, creating an enchanting atmosphere that brings tranquility and joy. Visit the Hydel plant near the falls, harnessing waterfall force to generate electricity for nearby areas, showcasing sustainable energy practices. Nuranang Fall is a captivating stopover offering a glimpse of Arunachal Pradesh’s intrinsic beauty, making it a must-visit destination. And you can take Delhi To Agra Cab One Way with DuraCabs.

Tawang War Memorial


Standing at 40 feet, the War Memorial is a colorful structure dedicated to the martyrs of the 1962 Sino-India War. Nestled in the Himalayas, the memorial overlooks Tawang-Chu valley, serving as a poignant reminder of sacrifice, emphasizing its historical significance. The memorial’s strategic location not only pays homage to the fallen heroes but also offers visitors a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The tranquil atmosphere, coupled with the memorial’s vivid presence, creates a solemn yet awe-inspiring experience, inviting reflection on the historical significance of the region. And you can take Jaipur To Delhi One Way Taxi with DuraCabs.

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