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Things To Do In Mon, Nagaland | A complete travel guide

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Duracabs has truly elevated the transportation experience in Mon, Nagaland, by combining efficiency with a touch of local hospitality. Their fleet boasts well-maintained cabs, offering a smooth ride through the enchanting landscapes. The drivers, familiar with the terrain, add a personal touch, ensuring passengers feel not just like customers, but welcomed guests. Duracabs stands out not only for punctuality and safety but also for the extra mile they go in making every journey memorable. Whether it’s navigating winding roads or providing insightful local tips, Duracabs exemplifies a commitment to service excellence, making them the go-to choice for all travel needs in Nagaland’s serene Mon district.

These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Mon, Nagaland

Veda Peak


This is the highest peak in Mon district. Located almost 70 km from district headquarters, this peak gives a clear and absolutely stunning view of the Brahmaputra river as Chindwin river (which runs through Burma) when the skies are clear. Another attraction at Veda peak is the famous waterfall. This area is considered one of the best locations in the district. And you can take Taxi Services In Agra with DuraCabs.

Shangnyu Village


Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Mon, Nagaland, Shangnyu Village is a cultural gem, blending tradition with scenic beauty. Firstly, surrounded by lush hills, Shangnyu offers a serene escape, inviting visitors into its peaceful ambiance. Transitioning into its cultural richness, the village is renowned for its historical significance, notably the Shangnyu Ang, an ancient wooden monument narrating tales of bygone eras. Additionally, the village exudes warmth through its Naga hospitality, making tourists feel not merely like spectators but participants in its vibrant traditions. Transitioning again to the scenic allure, Shangnyu boasts panoramic views, creating an unforgettable experience that seamlessly intertwines nature’s splendor with cultural heritage in the heart of Mon, Nagaland. And you can take Online Taxi Booking In Delhi with DuraCabs.

Chenloisho Village


Chenloisho Village in Mon, Nagaland, charms with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage nestled amidst enchanting hills. To begin with, the village is a haven for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by lush greenery and offering breathtaking views. Chenloisho is famed for traditional Naga houses with intricate wood carvings, offering a glimpse into the rich regional heritage. Furthermore, the village exudes a tranquil ambiance, fostering a sense of connection with both nature and tradition. In essence, Chenloisho Village stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of culture and the picturesque landscape in the heart of Mon, Nagaland. And you can take Online Taxi Booking In Agra with DuraCabs.

Aoleang Festival


Aoleang, a seven-day harvest festival, is celebrated by the Konyak Naga community in Nagaland’s Mon district, nestled in the Patkai hills. The festival rejoices with the onset of spring and offers prayers for a healthy crop. The festivities begin during the first week of April and mark the beginning of the Konyak New Year.

The springtime festival takes place after the harvest of new seeds. Each and every day of the festival has a special meaning, traditions, and celebration. It is a celebration of giving and moving forward into the new year with renewed vitality. Aoleang festival showcases rich cultural heritage through traditional dances, songs, and games, blending seamlessly with contemporary musical talents. And you can take One Side Taxi In Jaipur with DuraCabs.

Longwa Village


Longwa Village in Mon, Nagaland, charms with culture and nature. The lush landscapes and unique tribal traditions create an enchanting experience. Firstly, surrounded by rolling hills, Longwa offers a picturesque setting that seamlessly integrates with the local Naga way of life. Transitioning into its cultural richness, the village is known for its distinctive longhouse, symbolizing unity among the Konyak Naga tribes. Moreover, Longwa straddles the international border, providing a fascinating cross-cultural experience. Additionally, the village charms with warm hospitality, making visitors feel not only welcome but also an integral part of the community. In essence, Longwa Village epitomizes a harmonious coexistence of tradition and nature in the heart of Mon, Nagaland. And you can take One Side Taxi In Agra with DuraCabs.

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