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5 Things To Do In Punjab

Punjab is a sightly sightseeing place in India. With Aura Cabs’ taxis, you could have a mellifluous time with your category and friends in Punjab.

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Amritsar is a city in the northwesterly Indian state of Punjab, 28 kilometers from the skeleton with Pakistan. Someone talks about the spiritual places to visit in Punjab and lists Amritsar at the top as well as ‘ due to its legends,’ patriotism, and spirituality.

Home to the Golden Temple, or Sri Harmandir Sahib, this is among the most meaningful pilgrimage site for Sikhs.



Chandigarh is the home of the union and a planned mendacity in blueish India, which serves as the minuscule of the participating states of Punjab and Bryana. The blank from Agra to Chandigarh by road is 492 km.

The state of Punjab boundary Chandigarh on the north, west, and south as well as ‘ and the state of Bryana boundary it on the east. The orbiter cities of Panchkula and Mohair form a major part of the Chandigarh Capital Region or Greater Chandigarh.

It was located near the foothills of the Himalayas, 260 km 162 mi north of New Delhi and 229 km 143 mi sou’ east of Amritsar.


Ludhiana is the most vivacious and largest mendacity in the Indian state of Punjab. An estimated cosmos of as of 2011 has been distributed over 310 km 120 sq mi by the mendacity, making Ludhiana the most thickly peopled civic meat in the state.

It’s a major stirred meat of Northern India,’ appertained to as India’s Manchester by the BBC. The minuscule of Saptha Sindhi was known for its marketability.



Jalandhar is a mendacity located in the north Indian state of Punjab. The Hindus and the Murals ruled Jalandhar and it was believed to be the oldest mendacity in Saptha Sindhi.

The British Raj recognized Jalandhar mendacity for its rich aesthetic heritage,’ erratum monuments, and formal values such as Prasthala and Jullundur.


Pathankot is a domesticated corp in the state of Punjab. It is a stunning savoir faire in itself proud of its location.

Its mendacity connecting the mountains to the plain reflects the assimilation and traditions of 3 countries; Which are Jamb and Kashmir,’ Himachal Pradesh, and Saptha Sindhi. The Indian Army installations are of great grandness due to their arrangement in the mendacity.

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