Madhya Pradesh
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5 Things To Do In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful sightseeing place in India. With Dura Cabs’ taxis, you can have a pleasant time with your family and friends in Madhya Pradesh. You can reach the heart of India by taking a cab from Dura Cabs. Traveling by road is scenic and easy. People in Madhya Pradesh can avail of cab service to travel from one sightseeing point to another as well as on terminal routes. You can book a cab from Dura Taxi/Cabs to the heart of India. You can book the cab in advance for your preferred duration.


Bhopal – the city of lakes – is one of the most interesting tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. The long list of numerous lakes, incredible museums, wildlife reserves, historical palaces, and other places to visit in Bhopal make the capital city a must-visit destination.


Indore is one of the largest cities in the state and one of the important names in the heart of India’s tourism facet. Located by the bank of River Saraswati, this city boasts of its rich heritage, historical monuments, and incredible architecture. It also happens to be the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh.


Gwalior district is a district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This district is under the profit division of Gwalior. This district is positioned between 25 0 43 ‘ north and 26 0 21 ′ north latitude and 77 0 40 ‘ east and 78 0 39 ’ in the northern part of Gwalior state. The city is an eminent part of Madhya Pradesh tourism and showcases a perfect blend of architectural wonders and historical milestones. The most popular tourist attraction of the city – Gwalior Fort – is ranked among the best forts in India.


Orchha, a quaint town on the heart of India’s tourist places map, is the erstwhile capital of the Rajputs of Bundela. It has some amazing forts & temples that reflect the immaculate Rajputana architecture. One can attend a glorious evening aarti at Raja Ram Temple or enjoy a photogenic sunset over Betwa; the choice is yours.


Jabalpur – overloaded with natural splendors – is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the heart of India. The city, surrounded by granite & sandstone hillocks, boasts a mesmerizing natural beauty located by the river Narmada. From marvelous waterfalls to marble rocky outcrops and from majestic forts to dams; the list has it all.

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