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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Malda

Dakhil Darwaza


A very important monument, located in Gaur, Dakhil Darwaza is a surviving ruin of an old castle from the 15th century. The gate itself is a gateway to a fort.

In the south-east corner of the fort, high wall encloses the ruins of an old palace. People popularly know the gate as Salaami Darwaza because cannons used to be fired from it. And you can take Cab Booking Agra with DuraCabs.



If you wish to explore the rich and diverse history of Bengal, Gour is the place for you. Located along the banks of the holy river Ganges, this is one of the oldest residential colonies existing in the state. Although the place is now in ruins, its unique history and magnificent architecture are more than enough to attract tourism from places far and wide. This settlement was the capital of ancient Bengal and was also a center of political and state affairs relating to the realm.

Believers attribute the discovery of this town, formerly called Lakshmanavati, to Lord Lakshman. When Muslims conquered the state, its name changed to Lakhnauti. The records relating to the life and times of Gour can be traced back to 1198, which was around the time when Muslims had taken over the state.

This destination has quite a number of ancient monuments and their ruins within its perimeter. The most popular ones include Bada Darwaza, Eunuchs’ Mosque, Tantipar Mosque, Dakhil Darwaza, Kadam Rasut Mosque and Firoz Minar. Tucked away in the lap of lush greenery, this is the perfect place to discover and rediscover history! And you can take Taxi Services In Agra with DuraCabs.

Firoz Minar


The Minar is located a kilometer away from the Dakhil Darwaza. Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah built this five-storey tower during his rule, and it is often touted as Malda’s Qutab Minar.

The first three storeys of the tower have twelve adjacent faces each, and the uppermost two storeys are circular in shape. The tourists can take the flight right up till the top of the tower. They constructed it in the Tughlaqi style of architecture, and people also know it as the Pir-Asha-Minar or the Chiragdani. And you can take Car Rentals In Chandigarh with DuraCabs.

Chamkati Masjid Chika Mosque


Sultan Yusuf Shah built the Mosque in 1475. The name has a very unique origin. The Chika Mosque earned its name because it sheltered a number of Chikas, i.e., bats.

In addition to beautiful Arabic carvings, which are still partly visible, the mosque also bears Hindu temple architecture, adding to its uniqueness. And you can take Mathura Vrindavan Tour By Car with DuraCabs.

Adina Mosque


Adina Mosque bears a strong resemblance to the Great Mosque of Damascus as it consists of bricks designed with stones. Built by Sikandar Shah in the 14th century, the second sultan of the Ilyas dynasty, the Adina Mosque was the largest mosque in India at the time.

A lot of natural calamities have damaged it but haven’t been able to take away its marvelous glory. The king built the mosque to commemorate his victory over the then king of Delhi, Firoz Shah Tughluq. And you can take Delhi To Dehradun Cabs One Way with DuraCabs.

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