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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in  Diveagar

Diveagar Beach

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Diveagar beach is a breathtaking natural beauty located in Raigarh district of Maharashtra. A perfect representation of all that the Konkan Coast stands for, Diveagar Beach is a quaint amalgam of greenery and azure water with gentle sprinkles of white sand. Another unique aspect of the beach is that it is not a flat surface beach, rather, the wavy shores of the Diveagar beach along with the strong tides from the Arabian sea make it an ideal setting for sea surfing. A perfect weekend getaway for the beach holidays from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune, there are also a variety of activities that you can pursue at Diveagar beach as well.

The tide is low in the morning. One of the best ways to navigate it is to take an evening stroll along the foaming sea. Evening time also call for buggy rides which is an adventure in its own right. There are some beach resorts located on the Diveagar beach where tourists make their stay for a tranquil beach vacation. And you can take Taxi Service In Mathura Vrindavan with DuraCabs.

Phansad Bird Sanctuary

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Though referred to as a bird sanctuary, the Pansad Bird Sanctuary also houses many amphibians, insects and mammals. This place isn’t flocked with people, making it a quiet and calm destination to visit. The lush greenery and diverse fauna rejuvenates one’s mind. A walk through the park, inhaling the fragrance of the clean and rich foliage and hearing the sounds of nature make sure that the experience is one of a kind. And you can take Taxi From Delhi Airport To Jaipur with DuraCabs.

Murud Janjira

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Murud is known for it widespread sandy beaches adorned with majestic forts and outlined by palms and coconut trees, creating a perfect holiday scenery. This Place, in the Raigad district with resorts and natural beauty beckoning you, is the place to be for a relaxed, modest vacation, with sparkling golden beaches. Murud has adventure and spirituality, infused into its pristine landscapes. Apart from the world class beaches, there is the Murud Janjira Fort, Kasa Fort, Gol Gumbaz and a few others. The nearby hills of Murud-Janjira are home to a beautiful shrine dedicated to Lord Dattatreya.

Bankot Fort

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Situated in Bagmandala close to Diveagar about 4 km away, Bankot Fort is place for history buffs.
The Portuguese captured the fort from Adil Shah in 1545. This fort, also known as Himmat Garh, still stands in its full glory. The place is also famed for an opportunity for its tourists of exploring the northern region of the bay. The Gajanan Temple also features a fort at its entrance known as Mahadarwaja. One can also see a graveyard lying in the outer regions of the fort. The graves comprises of vertical pillars as headstones and marble inscriptions. And you can take Taxi From Agra To Delhi with DuraCabs.

Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple

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Lord Suvarganesh Temple is a temple of great importance because of the 300 years old idol of Lord Ganesha. This idol is famous because it is made of 24-carat pure gold. Believers hold that they replaced a stone idol of Lord Ganesha with this gold sculpture. According to folklore, on Sankashti Chaturthi on 17 November 1997, Draupadi Dharma Patil unearthed a copper chest about 40-50 cm below the ground while working on a coconut plantation. The chest weighed 30 kg and measured 37.5 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 17.5 cm in height. They say the box, engraved with Sanskrit text from the 10th century, was used. They found the gold idol of Lord Ganesha along with several ornaments inside that box. However, the reason of the box’s and the idol’s burial is still a big mystery. And you can take Delhi Airport Taxi Services with DuraCabs.

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