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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Mandu

Jahaz Mahal

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The splendid architecture of Jahaz Mahal occupies an expense in the Mandu region of Madhya Pradesh. Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji of Mandu constructed it. To accommodate the women belonging to the royal consortium, Jahaz Mahal was built in second half of the 15th century. Jahaz Mahal best captures the medieval history of Mundu. Here ‘Jahaz’ refers to a ship and ‘Mahal’ refers to a palace, which is a reflection of the edifice itself. Surrounded by pond water, it seems to be floating gently above the surface of the water. And you can also book cabs from Agra to Gurugram with DuraCabs.

Rani Rupmati’s Pavilion

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History suggests that Baz Bahadur potentially became interested in Rani Rupmati, a stunning Hindu singer, leading to the construction of this building. So, Baz Bahadur using all his clout and wealth built this magnificent piece of architecture to showcase his love for her. It is constructed on the banks of river Narmada because it is believed that Rani Rupmati was so much in awe of the river that she would not even drink water unless she saw the Narmada river. This place is still squeaky clean as the earlier times. And you can also book tempo traveler from DuraCabs.

Baz Bahadur’s Palace

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Legend has it that this splendid architectural wonder was constructed for the last independent leader of Mandu, Baz Bahadur much before he came into power in the year 1509. Surprisingly, the edifice does not only display Islamic architectural styles but it also boasts of designs inspired from Rajasthani trends. And you can also book a self-drive car from DuraCabs.

Jami Masjid

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This huge red stone mosque is visible even from a few kilometers away. Unfortunately, Hoshang Shah could not see the monument before its completion. Despite their simplicity, people consider the finest and largest examples of Afghan architecture in India. And you can take cabs from Agra to Firozabad with DuraCabs.

Hindola Mahal

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Hindola Mahal in Mandu is a very popular tourist attraction which means Swinging Palace as per its English translation. The grand palace showcases the grandeur of the Durbar Hall. It perfectly portrays the Malwa-Sultanate architecture. The sculpture’s innovative structure combined with spectacular technology attracts thousands of tourists every year. The builders constructed the Mahal from sandstone with exquisitely carved columns and connected the provision of hot and cold water with the rooms situated underground. And you can take cabs from Agra to Delhi with DuraCabs.

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