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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Kausani

Rudradhari Falls and Caves

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The name of the falls and caves is believed to have been derived from a combination of the names of Lord Shiva, called Rudra, and the name of Lord Vishnu, called Hari. The Rudradhari Falls is surrounded by emerald paddy fields and pine greens, making it a breathtaking spot to admire natural beauty and picnic. Tourists can also trek to the Rudradhari Caves that offer a different terrain for adventure. While trekking to Adi Kailash, one can explore many ancient caves. The Shiva temple of Someshwar is only a short distance away from the waterfalls. A popular route to take for visiting the falls is to travel till Kantali village, which is 2 km away, and then trekking up from there. The falls is located 12 km away from Kausani on the Kausani-Almora road and is easily accessible.


Gwaldam town Uttrakhand

Gwaldam, with its untouched and unexplored serenity, is a little heaven, nestled between the Kumaon and Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand. There is so much to see in Gwaladam, making it an extraordinary destination.

Gwaldam is still an offbeat lesser-known destination in Uttarakhand, and thus, makes the perfect holiday getaway for those looking for a vacation amidst quietude and pristine nature.

While very prominent for multiple treks and pilgrim routes, Gwaldam is virgin territory for travelers. Case in point, the town is adorned with soaring Deodar trees and luscious apple orchards is the base camp for treks like Kuari Pass and Roop Kund.

Trek to Pinnath

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Trek to Pinnath is a place which attracts visitors automatically. A visit to this place is sure to give you a greater insight of the traditions and cultures of entire Kausani. Known for its temple, this place offers a sense of pleasure when surrounded by the wilderness of nature. Dedicated to Bhairon, the temple has a square, slated structure to its north. Figures of rajahs adorn the walls of the temple, and a door is located to the south. Indian arch, which has representations of the five Pandavas on its sides, form the roof of the portico. The village celebrates a famous fair every year in October, which offers a sense of pleasure when surrounded by the wilderness of nature. Not only tourists visit it as a pilgrimage destination but large number of people also visits this place as it is an ideal place for trekking.


view of baijnath temple

Baijnath, a small ancient town, is situated on the banks of the Gomti River in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, India, at a distance of 17 km from Kausani and 21 km from Bageshwar. This temple is most noted for its ancient temples and is one of the top places to visit in Kausani.

This temple, once known as Kartikyapur, was the capital of the Katyuri kings. The devotion to Lord Shiva has made Baijnath Temple famous. People constructed this Temple during the 12th century, and according to the legend, Lord Shiva and Parvati got married here at the confluence of River Garur Ganga and River Gomti. A Katyuri queen ordered the construction of a flight of steps made of stones to approach the temple from the riverside.

The Baijnath temple is actually a temple complex with the idols of Shiva, Ganesh, Parvati, Chandika, Kuber, Surya and Brahma. The temple of Mahishasur Mardini portrays the slaying of the bull-headed demon by the Goddess Kali. The temple stands on the left bank of Gomati river at an altitude of 1126 meters. Artisans chiseled the main temple in black stone which houses a beautiful idol of Parvati. Skilled artisans decorated the complex of Temple with delicate and intricate carvings. Archeological Survey of India maintains the complex. The authorities strictly restrict fishing in the lake full of Golden Masheer fishes located just outside the temple complex.


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The beautiful valley of Someshwar is most famous for its temple. People highly revere the presiding deity Lord Shiva in this temple, which is popular among both locals and believers. In addition to its religious significance, this destination also has some picturesque sceneries to offer. Lying only about 10-11 kilometers from the famous hill station Kausani, you can easily reach this destination.

The rock-cut shrine of Someshwar will transport you straight to the age of ancient temples. Rustic and humble in its construction, the temple is a charming experience. The hills that surround the temple also offer a unique experience. There is a wishing well near the temple which is another attractive setting of this place. The emerald green waters of the same are mesmerizing, to say the least.

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