Dewas Mata Mandir Entrance
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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Dewas

Gidya Khoh

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Dewas city of Madhya Pradesh is a place full of natural beauty and rich history. Gidya Khoh is a unique amalgamation of man-made wonders & nature and is situated on the Indore-Nemawar road. Khudel Devta is a respected deity of the tribal people inhabiting this forest region with an idol enshrined here. On every Purnima and Amavasya the tribal people gather to pay homage to the Khudel deity and seek his blessings. A beautiful and spectacular waterfall falls from the hill top at a height of more than 600 feet. During the rainy season the place has an unmatched beauty and a pollution free envoirment attracting a number of tourists again and again to this palce.

Kheoni Sanctuary

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Established in the year 1955 the Kheoni Wild life Sanctuary is situated in Dewas District of Madhya Pradesh. Covered with rich & dry deciduous forest, consisting mainly of teak & bamboo trees the sanctuary is a natural paradise. The sanctuary contains various species of animals such as chital, sambar, and deer. The sanctuary boasts an amazing variety of regular and migratory birds that will not disappoint bird lovers. The administration has developed a number of tourists’ spots for visitors, so that people coming here can enjoy the beauty of the place. Pilgrims also visit the place twice or thrice in a year to take a dip in the holy ‘Bal-Ganga’ flowing in the forest of Khivni and pay homage at the ancient Shiv temple in the village.

Pawar Chattries

Best Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

The everlasting symbols Maratha architecture, The Chattries of Dewas are located near the Meetha Talaab. Its magnificent and powerful presence mesmerizes one and is a living statement of the royal might of the Pawar Kings. A architecture to marvel at the Chattries of Dewas offer us a glimpse of the majestic life of an era gone by, filled with splendour and the royalty of the kings.

Kavadia Hills

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Millions of stone pillars joined together to form the Kavadiya Hills located near Dharaji, 10 km from Bagli headquarters. These pillars of various shapes and sizes, such as triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, etc., interlock to form hills. One may assume that the stones are manmade and appear to be carved by human beings; as per Hindu mythology it is believed that during the Mahabharata period the Great Bheem created these structures to alter the way of Narmada River to ful-fill a vow. But if scientific reasons are considered the hills were formed as a result of Volcano eruption. Historians & scientist also consider the Kavadia Hills as the eighth wonder of the World. Another interesting fact is that on striking these stone pillars a sound metal pillars comes out.


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Located on the Narmada River Banks, in the Dharaji village of Bagli Tehsil, Dharaji is an important religious & historic place. The River Narmada creates a beautiful waterfall giving it a natural beauty. The Pindies of Lord Shiva (Shivlings) here are said to be so pious that they do not require any Pran Pratishtha before being established at any worship place. Hundreds of people come here to worship twice a year on the occasion of Amavasya. People believe that visiting this temple protects you from all the evil powers.

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