Dharamshala Tour Packages I Dharamshala Himachal Tourism
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Dharamshala Tour Packages I Dharamshala Himachal Tourism

Dharamshala Tourism | Dharamshala Tour Packages

Dharamshala is a city in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh in India. Dharamshala has an  altitude of 1457 meters (4780 feet), covering an area of almost 8.51 km². Earlier it was known as Bhagsu. Dharamshala is 18 Kms much from Kangra. Dharamshala is lovely town bordered by dense woodland and the breathtaking beauty of Kangra Valley. Because of the Tibetan people and also the presence of 14th Dalai Lama Dharamshala trip are currently renowned destinations in all around the world. In addition to Tibetan people and also culture someday Triund hill trek is additionally popular here. The Dalai Lama’s residence home the headquarters of the Central Tibetan Administration of the banished Tibetan government are located in McLeodGanj town in Dharamshala district.

In 1959 the Dalai Lama had to leave from Tibet. The Indian Prime Minister permitted him as well as his followers to stay in McLeodGanj area in Upper Dharamshala. In 1960 Government-in-exile was developed. Dharamshala has lots of monasteries. Collection of Tibetan Functions and Archives was started in 1970 by the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

The collection has greater than 80,000 manuscripts and also vital things connected to Tibetan, society, and history. It is just one of the best locations in the world to know Tibet. Dharamshala has lots of numerous Tibetan temples abbeys, and also institutions. The area is also called Little Lhasa or Dhasa Combination of Dharamshala and Lhasa). For more infroamtion on Himachal tour packages contact Swan Tours or call 011 23415601.

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Dharamshala with our meticulously crafted Dharamshala tour packages. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Himalayas as you explore the myriad facets of this captivating destination. Our diverse range of Dharamshala tour packages ensures that every traveler finds the perfect itinerary to suit their preferences.

Discover the tranquility of Dharamshala with our thoughtfully curated Dharamshala tour packages, each offering a unique blend of scenic beauty and cultural richness. Whether you seek a spiritual retreat, an adventurous escapade, or a leisurely vacation, our Dharamshala tour packages cater to every desire.

With 15 distinct Dharamshala tour packages to choose from, you can tailor your journey to include the iconic attractions, hidden gems, and authentic experiences that resonate with your travel aspirations. From the spiritual ambiance of McLeod Ganj to the serene landscapes of Triund, our Dharamshala tour packages encapsulate the essence of this Himalayan haven.

Picture yourself amidst the lush greenery, serene monasteries, and snow-capped peaks as you embark on a soul-stirring adventure with our Dharamshala tour packages. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a culture connoisseur, or an adrenaline junkie, Dharamshala beckons with a myriad of experiences waiting to be explored.

Our commitment to providing unparalleled experiences is reflected in the meticulous planning of our Dharamshala tour packages. Immerse yourself in the local culture, savor delectable cuisine, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Dharamshala’s breathtaking landscapes.

Book your Dharamshala tour package now and let the magic of the Himalayas unfold before you. With 15 options to choose from, your journey to Dharamshala promises to be a seamless blend of exploration, relaxation, and unparalleled moments. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and make your Dharamshala experience truly unforgettable.

Dharamshala Tour Packages I Dharamshala Himachal Tourism

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Package Inclusions:

  • Hotel stay for the specified number of nights.
  • Accommodation in a standard, deluxe, or premium room, as per the package.
  • Daily breakfast included in the package.
  • Some packages may include additional meals like lunch or dinner.
  • Guided tours to popular attractions in and around Dharamshala.
  • Entrance fees to monuments, temples, and other attractions.
  • Inclusion of specific adventure activities if applicable (trekking, paragliding, etc.).
  • Tickets or arrangements for cultural shows or events happening in the region.
  • Some packages may include travel insurance coverage.
  • Inclusion of applicable taxes in the overall package cost.

Package Exclusion

  • The package may not include the cost of airfare or transportation to reach the starting point of the tour.
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary or outside the designated eating places may not be included.
  • Costs for renting or purchasing personal equipment needed for specific activities (e.g., trekking gear, skiing equipment).
  • Any medical expenses incurred during the trip, including medications or medical services, are typically not covered.
  • Costs associated with emergency evacuation or unforeseen circumstances may not be part of the package.
  • If you choose to extend your stay or add extra nights, the cost of additional accommodation may not be included.
  • Any charges for damages caused by the traveler to hotel property or transportation are usually not covered.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Q: What is the best time to visit Dharamshala tour ?

    • A: The best time to visit Dharamshala is during the spring and summer months (March to June) for pleasant weather and green landscapes. Autumn (October and November) and winter (December to February) are also popular, depending on individual preferences.
  2. Q: How to reach Dharamshala?

    • A: Dharamshala can be reached by air through the Kangra Airport (Gaggal), by train to Pathankot Railway Station, or by road via well-connected highways from nearby cities.
  3. Q: What are the must-visit attractions in Dharamshala?

    • A: Key attractions include McLeod Ganj, Bhagsunath Temple, Dal Lake, Tsuglagkhang Complex, Norbulingka Institute, and the Kangra Fort.
  4. Q: Is it necessary to obtain permits for trekking in Dharamshala?

    • A: Permits are generally not required for popular treks around Dharamshala. However, specific treks in restricted areas may necessitate permits.
  5. Q: Are there adventure activities available in Dharamshala?

    • A: Yes, Dharamshala offers adventure activities such as trekking, paragliding, rock climbing, and camping.
  6. Q: What is the cuisine like in Dharamshala?

    • A: Dharamshala offers a diverse cuisine, including Tibetan, Indian, and international dishes. Local Tibetan specialties and street food are popular.
  7. Q: Can I witness snowfall in Dharamshala?

    • A: Yes, snowfall is common during the winter months (December to February), providing a picturesque landscape.
  8. Q: Is Dharamshala a safe destination for solo travelers?

    • A: Dharamshala is generally considered safe for solo travelers. However, it’s advisable to follow standard safety precautions and be aware of local guidelines.
  9. Q: What souvenirs can I buy in Dharamshala?

    • A: Popular souvenirs include Tibetan handicrafts, thangka paintings, prayer flags, and traditional Tibetan clothing.
  10. Q: Are there medical facilities available in Dharamshala?

    • A: Yes, Dharamshala has medical facilities and hospitals to cater to healthcare needs.

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