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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Nalanda

Nalanda University


This university is a UNESCO world heritage site is located South Bihar.
Nalanda Mahavira, among the world’s oldest universities, originated in the 3rd century and holds a significant historical position. Mahavira is a Sanskrit term for a great ‘Vihara'(Buddhist Monastery). Situated 85 km from Patna, it stands as a historic and premier university, recognized as one of the oldest and greatest. It finds references in the oldest epics of India as well as in the travels of Hiuen Tsang. The Gupta kings built various monasteries in old Kusan style of architecture. Emperor Ashoka and Emperor Harshavandhana were also patrons of this university who built few temples, viharas, and monasteries for the university. Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam pitched the idea of reviving the university in March 2016.

With reference found in the Tibetan and Chinese culture, the university was a centre of advanced Vedic learnings until it was ransacked by Bakhtiyar Khilji in the 12th century. Lord Buddha visited Nalanda several times during his lifetime, but the university became popular in the later years when Hieun Tsang stayed here in the 7th century AD and he left a detailed description of the education system and monastic life of this place. The Archaeological Survey of India recovered the site in 1915. The university’s vast library, filled with books and manuscripts, continued to burn for six months after the entire structure ignited. And you can take Agra To Gaziabad with DuraCabs.

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall


The Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall was built in memory of the Chinese scholar in the location where he was said to have resided for over 12 years during his time in the country. The memorial hall is home to writings of the scholar about his observations regarding medieval India, which forms the basis of much of the knowledge of that time. And you can take Jaipur To Dharamshala with DuraCabs.



Pawapuri is a holy site for the Jains. Situated in the Nalanda district of Bihar state in Eastern India. A long time ago, Pawapuri was the twin capital of Mall Mahajanpad. Mahajanpad later became a part of the kingdom of Magadha and Ajatshatru was a devotee of Lord Mahavira. Under the rule of Ajatshatru, Hastipal was the known king of Pawapuri. When in Pawapuri, Mahavira stayed in the Rajikshala of the king. Considered a sacred place, people believe that Lord Mahavira was buried here in 500 BC.

Pawapuri has also been given the name Apapuri meaning sinless town since Lord Mahavira was cremated here. Post-cremation, a hurried ash collection removed soil layers, forming a pond due to the rush in collecting the ashes.
The pond transformed into a lotus pond with a central marble temple named Jalmandir erected later. The place is very rich in culture and has high heritage value. Some traditional festivals celebrated here include Rajgir Dance Festival and Chhath Puja.
Artists perform various classical dances in the Rajgir Dance Festival. And you can take Gurgaon To Agra Cab with DuraCabs.



Just outside Nalanda, believers consider Kundalpur the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, the 24th and last Jain Tirthankara. It is also the place of birth of Gautam Swamiji who was the first disciple of Lord Mahavira. A splendid temple, featuring beautiful spires, marks the birthplace with a 4.5 feet tall idol of Bhagwan Mahavira Padmasana. Within the complex, there is a serene Trikal Chaubeesi Jinmandir where there are 72 idols of Tirthankaras, representing 24 each of the past, present and the future age. And you can take Jaipur To Gurgaon Cab with DuraCabs.

Surya Mandir


The Sun God temple, situated near Nalanda University, dedicates itself to the deity, emphasizing its close proximity to the academic institution. This temple enshrines various Buddhist and Hindu deities, with the most attractive one being the five feet high idol of Goddess Parvati. Chhath Puja occurs biannually in Vaishakha and Kartika Hindu months, celebrated with fervor at this location. And you can take Agra To Mathura Cab with DuraCabs.

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