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5 Things To Do In Mandi

Mandi is a beautiful tourist destination in India. There you can spend a good time with your family and friends. You can book a cab from Agra to Mandi and explore its various tourist places. There are various private and public transport options that you can use to reach Mandi. During the road trip from Agra to Mandi, you experience beautiful landscapes. You can also book a cab/taxi from Agra Airport to Mandi. You can experience a comfortable and hassle-free ride at an affordable price. If your starting point is Agra, you can avail of cab services from Agra to Mandi. To book a cab from Agra to Mandi, you can book a cab online at Dura Cabs.

Prashar Lake

This lake is located at an altitude of 2730 meters. People know Parashar for Parashar Lake. Ideal for nature lovers, Parashar Lake is one of the best places to visit in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The Dhauladhar ranges and dense deodar forests surround Parashar Lake, letting you capture the unseen beauty of Himachal in this very scenic and peaceful place.

Dehnasar Lake

Dehnasar Lake is a high-altitude freshwater lake lying in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India. This is a concurrent place for Kullu, Kangra, and Mandi and people gathered 20th of Bhadrapada or Bhaado for the holy bath. You should visit this one of the best tourist places on your Mandi trip, which is surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

Barot Valley

The Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh situates a small village named Barot in the Uhl River valley. Considered to be a diamond among the rough terrains, Barot Valley was initially developed for a hydel project over the Uhl River that has now become a rising tourist spot for travelers who have a longing for mountains. Barot Valley offers great opportunities to travelers who want to quench their thirst for adventure. Barot Valley trek, camping, and fishing are some of the popular activities in this area. Plan a trip to Himachal and include this hidden gem in your itinerary for a stimulating experience amidst the Shivaliks.

Shikari Devi Temple

Someone must visit Shikari Devi Temple, situated on the highest peak in the entire Mandi district of Himachal. Be it the roofless architecture or the 1000 steps that are steep enough to climb, this temple has got a lot that will leave you amazed. Apart from taking the blessings of the ‘Hunter Goddess’, you can also enjoy the mystical aura that surrounds the temple.

Bir Monastery

The Bir Landing Site locates near the Nyingyang Monastery, which is filled with peace and serenity. Someone has painted the main building of the monastery and the priest’s quarters in bright colors and adorned them with intricate designs that portray Buddhist culture and rituals. You can visit the monastery during prayer time to soak in the positive vibes engulfing the palace. The lush green lawn and the soothing ambiance will make you come back to this monastery before you wind up your Bir sojourn.

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