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Duracabs stands out as the premier choice for travelers in Idukki, Kerala, offering top-notch cab services. With a commitment to excellence, Duracabs ensures a seamless and comfortable journey for passengers exploring the scenic beauty of Idukki. Their fleet comprises well-maintained vehicles manned by experienced drivers, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Whether venturing into the lush greenery of Munnar or discovering the enchanting backwaters of Thekkady, Duracabs caters to every traveler’s needs. From solo adventurers to families, their personalized service accommodates all, making Duracabs the preferred option for navigating Idukki’s captivating landscapes. Experience the epitome of travel convenience with Duracabs.

These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Idukki

Hill View Park


Located just a kilometer from Idukki’s city center, Hill View Park offers a breathtaking panorama, merely 350 feet from the Idukki dam. True to its name, the park provides awe-inspiring vistas of the Cheruthoni and Idukki Dams. Moreover, beyond its renown as a tourist hotspot, it serves as a haven for diverse wildlife thriving in its natural habitat. Recent additions include thrilling adventures like ziplining, further enhancing the park’s allure. Additionally, a gentle slope leads visitors to the park, revealing a tranquil green ambiance with dining options and restroom facilities. Furthermore, children can revel in the play area equipped with slides and swings. Not to forget, indulge in the famed spiced chocolate, a must-buy here. Hill View Park presents an ideal photo opportunity for the Idukki dam, especially since photography isn’t permitted at the dam itself. And you can take Self Drive Car On Rent In Jaipur with DuraCabs.

Idukki Arch Dam


Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Kerala lies the Idukki Arch Dam, a true architectural marvel in South India. Spanning the River Periyar, this double-curvature arch dam finds its home amidst the gorge flanked by the Kuravathi and Kuravan hills. Towering at approximately 550 feet, it commands attention amidst the rugged terrain. Moreover, its imposing stature earns it a place among Asia’s tallest arch dams. The sight of this colossal structure juxtaposed against the granite hills remains truly mesmerizing. Additionally, enveloped by lush greenery, the reservoir beckons locals seeking a tranquil retreat. Furthermore, to promote hydel tourism, tourists are invited to partake in boating adventures on the reservoir, thereby enhancing the allure of this picturesque destination. And you can take One Side Taxi In Agra with DuraCabs.

Kulamavu Dam


Situated in Kulamavu, the Kulamavu Dam is a gravity dam. Notably, the dam is part of three dams dedicated to the Idukki Hydro Electric Power Plant, which also encloses a manmade lake. Although quite mundane, this dam is a good place for some short sightseeing. Additionally, the Kulamavu dam is also part of the state’s largest river, Periyar’s power ventures. However, photography is not allowed here. Despite this restriction, there are occasional boating facilities at the lake here. Quite close to the dam are a few eating options, offering visitors a chance to dine and admire the surroundings. And you can take One Side Taxi In Jaipur with DuraCabs.



Situated just 10 km from the heart of Idukki, Painavu unveils itself as a haven for avid shoppers. A prominent destination en route to Idukki and Cheruthoni Dam, this locale boasts fame for its array of local handicrafts, silk, and exquisite garments. Moreover, nestled within the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Painavu doubles as a captivating trekking zone. Amidst sprawling plantations, it emerges as a favored spot for elephant sightings during the winter and monsoon seasons. However, the optimal time to explore this region spans from September to May, following the retreat of the rainy season. Painavu further entices as one of the most coveted weekend retreats from both Kochi and Munnar, ensuring an unforgettable getaway experience. And you can take Taxi Services in Agra with DuraCabs.



A quaint hamlet nestled within the Idukki district, Anakarra spans just about 50 sq. km in area. Positioned approximately 18 km from the Idduki wildlife sanctuary along the Kumily-Munnar state highway, this locale holds renown for its lush spice plantations and captivating waterfalls. Moreover, it presents enticing prospects for trekking enthusiasts and adventurous souls, with paragliding opportunities available depending on weather conditions. Among its highlights, the Aruvikuzhi Falls, also known as Chellarcovil falls, stands out as a popular attraction, featuring an Ayurvedic resort amidst its spice plantations. Additionally, Ottakathalemedu offers a panoramic vista of Anakkara and its environs, along with a breathtaking sunset view. Home stays dot Anakarra, providing visitors with an authentic and immersive accommodation experience in this scenic haven. And you can take Taxi Services In Delhi with DuraCabs.

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