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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Bankura

Susunia Hill


Soaring at an altitude of a whopping 1442 feet, the Susunia Hill is a famous spot in the Bankura District for indigenous sports like rock climbing and trekking. The entire hill is covered luxuriously with a rich flora of beautiful shrubbery, majestic trees and rare medicinal plants. Part of the eastern ghats, this hillock is popular among novice and expert mountaineers alike. In fact, many renowned and successful mountaineers of the country have started their journey on this very hill. During winters, organizers arrange trekking and camping activities on Susunia Hill. In the Eastern Ghats, this hill, embraced by lush greenery, provides a perfect escape from city noise and pollution, offering tranquility.

There also stands an ancient but impeccably carved monolith structure on the Susunia Hill named as the Narasimha Stone. The carvings on the monolith call it the oldest stone. What is interesting about this stone is that a fresh spring water stream shoots right out of it! Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, blesses the spring waters, endowing them with profound holiness and sacred significance. Susunia Hill, embraced by nature, offers an ideal escape to beat summer heat, unwind after a long week, and relax mindfully. And you can take Self Drive Rental Car with DuraCabs.



A small town in West Bengal famous for its terracota temples, Bishnupur is famous among tourists, especially for its rich culture including architecture, music and handicraft.

Bishnupur is a town with a rich heritage and a present as rich in culture, art and architecture. Its heritage and an ornamented culture transcends into multiple attractions for the tourists, which can be witnessed in the area’s soft corner for classical music, paintings or while you take home a Baluchari sari. The temples that the area is known for include Jorbangla temple, Rasmancha temple, Shyamrai Temple and many more. These find immense grandeur in their identity as carriers of significant histories as well as architectural marvels. And you can take Same day Agra Tour Packages from Delhi with DuraCabs.



Jhilmili is a mesmerising natural beauty located in Khatra subdivision of the district of Bankura in West Bengal. Jhilimili, ‘Darjeeling of South Bengal,’ sits on the Purulia, Bankura, Midnapur border, just 70 km from Bankura town. Literally translating to sparkle or twinkle in the Bengali language, the area has dense lush forests that possess breathtaking beauty. Situated on a hillock, the place is amidst thick, dense forests of varying heights.

In dense areas, the thick forest cover hinders sunlight, creating a labyrinth of vegetation where even sunlight struggles to penetrate.

The Kangsabati flows right through this forest and its banks are a perfect spot to have a picnic. Moreover, the soil here is micaceous, which adds to the beauty of the place.
The watchtower provides stunning views, including descending elephants from Dalma Hill during winters, offering an amazing spectacle of nature. The charming beauty of this land, combined with the quiet banter of a gently flowing breeze, elevates to another dimension by the scintillating waters of Kangsabati river.

Jhilimili’s serene climate is a perfect escape for city dwellers seeking peace from their hectic schedules, offering tranquility and respite. Visit this destination to capture nature in its more pristine form. And you can take Taxi Services In Jaipur with DuraCabs.



A popular weekend getaway for Kolkata locals, Mukutmanipur in the Bankura district of Kolkata is a serene town with lush green forests, clear blue water and green hills in the backdrop.

Sharing borders with Jharkhand, Mukutmanipur is located at the confluence of Kumari and Kangsabati. The peaceful town attracts many tourists seeking tranquility, making it an ideal destination for a calm and relaxing vacation getaway. Mukutmanipur dam is said to be the second largest dam in the country while the man-made barrage here which canalizes the river water of Kumari and Kangsabati for irrigation purposes in the nearby districts of Bankura, Purulia and Medinipur during summers is also the second largest of its kind. And you can take Taxi Services in Haridwar with DuraCabs.



Located on the banks of the Bodai River, the twin-villages of Hadal-Narayanpur is famous for the Mandal family terracotta temples that comprise of Barataraf, Mejotaraf and the Chhototaraf temples.

Barataraf also has a huge Rasmancha popularly used to stage Ras-Leela or plays based on Vishnu’s life. Terracotta panels with representations of Vishnu in the Anantashayan posture stud Mejotaraf and the Chhototaraf. And you can take Taxi Services in Delhi with DuraCabs.

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