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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Amboli

Amboli Falls

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The breathtaking Amboli Waterfalls is located in the hill station of Amboli in south Maharashtra in India. Situated in the Sahyadri Hills of the western part of India, Amboli is situated at the height of 690 metres above the sea level and is counted as one of the eco spots of the world since it is home to unusual species of flora and fauna. The Amboli Waterfall is one of the most famous tourist attractions that can be found in Amboli and is visited by numerous tourists all through the year. convert this sentence from passive to active voice.

This incredibly high waterfall is surrounded by numerous other waterfalls as well, and the sight of the falling water and the surrounding greenery adds to the beauty and charm of the already mesmerizing place. Since the beauty of the falls cannot be enjoyed throughout the year, the excitement and curiosity to witness this magical waterfall becomes doubled, and couples, children, groups of friends, as well as families, have a gala time at the Amboli Waterfalls. And you can also rent tempo traveler from DuraCabs.

Madhavgad Fort

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At present, Madhavgad Fort may be totally in ruins, yet it once used to get a considerable measure of consideration for its great structure, which is four times the extent of Shaniwarwada in Pune. The fortification is based on a street, and point of interest is a gravestone, which goes about as a remembrance to a fight that once occurred here. All encompassing perspective of the Arabian ocean from the fortress is stunning. That is very unique place for visiting in Amboli. And you can also rent a self-drive car from DuraCabs.

Shirgaonkar Point

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The Shirgaonkar Point turns out to be a grand cookout spot you can spend a night. Arranged at a separation of 2.5 km from the city of Amboli, it is a noteworthy vacation spot. The spot is particularly justified regardless of a visit amid the downpours when the air is cooler and purer and the encompassing greenery is invigorating. The route that leads to Shirgaonkar Point winds through a dense forest and offers a picturesque sightseeing experience. There is a Shankar and Devi Temple in nearness to this point. Shirgaonkar Point provides an excellent panoramic perspective of the valley. Arranged around 3 km. from the Main Bus stop, This place works its appeal best in the storms. And you can take cabs from Agra to Mathura with DuraCabs.

Hiranya Keshi Temple

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Sacred to goddess Parvati, Hiranyakeshi Temple is the point from where Hiranyakeshi river originates. In the main sanctum of the temple, there is an idol of Devi Hiranyakeshi (a form of Goddess Parvati) with golden hair and self-manifested red color Shivling called as Hiranyakeshwar.
The lingam is not visible, as another Shivling, used for daily offerings and prayers, is overshadowing it. The temple is located amidst the lush forest but reaching here is not a problem as there are well-built roads. Water rushes out with tremendous force to fall into a ‘Kund’ (tank), from where it further flows out. And you can take cabs from Agra to Delhi with DuraCabs.

Durg Dhakoba Trek


Durg and Dhakoba are the two unmistakable tops on the level amongst Naneghat and Bhimashankar extends in Pune. Since they are at 3,900 and 4,100 feet separately, they offer telling perspectives of the reaches around. If attempted from the Konkan side, the trek involves the ascent and descent of the ghats.

Learners can endeavor this from the Deccan agree with little exertion and appreciate the glory of the Western Ghats. The sheer vertical bluffs dropping on the Konkan side offer elating introduction.
This trek can also extend to a 4-5 day trek by covering Ahupe, Siddhgad, and Bhimashankar ranges. While Durg is a post, Dhakoba is a tall mountain. From Durg-Dhakoba level, one can see Bhimashankar Forest, Ahupe, Damdamiya on one side and Amboli Ghat on the other side. They arrange the two at the cause of Kukdi River. They fall under Junnar Taluka of Pune area, helpfully open from most parts of Maharastra. And you can take cabs from Agra to Firozabad with DuraCabs.

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