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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Sethan Valley

Skiing and Snowboarding

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As the temperature is usually below 0 degrees here, there’s heavy snowfall. Snowboarding and Skiing is one popular activity that takes place in Sethan valley. To make sure you have a great experience, hire a guide and take precautions. Rent a snowboard and wear thick clothes to protect yourself from the frigid weather. These equipments are available in print which is on the way to sethan.

Stay at the Igloo Village

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Saithan Valley is popular for its igloo stays. One of a kind, perhaps the only one in the country where you can sleep inside one. This is that kind of a place that one imagines as a child of how a fairyland would look like. Keeping oneself warm inside an icy igloo while watching a movie at night in the middle of snow beneath a starry sky with hands cupping a hot beverage is an unparalleled experience.

Visit Pandu Ropa

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Approximately 2 km from Sethan, Pandu Ropa is a revered mythological site amongst the locals. It is believed that the Pandavas resided and meditated here before taking part in the Mahabharata. Since this place is considered pious, farmers find it lucky to grow crops here. They believe that this ensures abundance in their lives. This attraction is a must-visit for those who love learning about mythology.

Explore Indrasana Peak

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If you ever wish to experience an underrated gem of Manali away from the crowd and commotion of the city, then there is a small hamlet located 12 meters away from Manali, known as Sethan Valley. This Buddhist village offers a ton of places to satisfy the wanderlust inside you.Check out Places to visit in Sethan Valley !

The hamlet provides a bunch of adventure activities to make your trip a lot more exciting. If you are into nature, then Sethan Valley is definitely not going to disappoint you as the night sky filled with pretty stars is something to die for! The views are simply majestic!

Sethan Valley drapes itself in beautiful white sheets of snow during the winter season. Rock climbing and bouldering are one of the most fascinating adventure activities in the summer season. So, you can experience different sides of Sethan Valley with every change of seasons.

Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass

Hampta Pass, situated in the Manali region of the Himachal Pradesh, serves as one of the most convenient and enjoyable treks. Filled with pristine nature, this trail includes dense pine forests and ancient glacial valleys.

A perfect trek for beginners, the place is easy to access and the adventurous experience of crossing the pass is simply exhilarating. Unlike most of the trek, this one begins from Manali town and not from a remote village. Chandratal, a crystal clear lake situated at high altitude, is the highlight of the trip. A trip of about 4-5 days, Hampta Pass trek in the lap of Himalayas is one of the exciting trips that will leave you in complete awe.

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