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Dura Cabs Services offers the best car hire and rental service in Kangra, providing memorable moments and a hassle-free journey. We build lasting relationships with our customers for all their travel needs in India. Our services include car rental, car hire, taxi services, wedding car rental, and India tour packages and many Places to Visit in kangra. We offer a wide range of luxurious cars such as Toyota Etios, Innova, Crysta, Swift Dzire, Ciaz, and many more.

These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Kangra

Kangra Fort

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Situated on the outskirts of the town of Kangra, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the Kangra Fort is witness to thousands of years of grandeur, invasion, war, wealth and evolution. The ancient Trigarta Kingdom mentioned in the Mahabharata epic is the origin of this mighty fort. It is the largest fort in the Himalayas and probably the oldest dated fort in India. Occupying the lower valley of the Beas and its tributaries, it was one of the leading hill stations of Punjab and Himachal earlier.

“You must pass through the gate leg first. Never lead with your head because if there is an enemy on the other side, you might lose your head”. This tip by Tikaraj Aishwarya Katoch (present scion of the Katoch dynasty) indicates at the heavy security in the fort maintained by the kings to protect the unimaginable treasures inside. Though the tales of these treasures are nothing but stories in this ruined fort now, there was a time when the sanctum sanctorum of the Kangra Fort held unimaginable riches which were offered to the large idol in the Brijeshwari temple inside the fort. Perhaps because of these treasures, this colossal fort has been attacked many times. Almost every ruler, be it an invader or a native ruler have tried to lay control over the Kangra fort. And you can also book a self-drive car from DuraCabs.

Baijnath Temple

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Visit the Baijnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and experience its spiritual significance. The temple is renowned for its sacredness, and the temple water is believed to have medicinal properties. Thousands of devotees from around the world visit this temple each year. Local merchants Ahuka and Manyuka built it in 1204 AD. And you can take cabs from Agra to Gurugram with DuraCabs.

Brajeshwari Temple

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The Brajeshwari Temple is a spiritually enlightening site, known for its mystical architecture. Located just a short distance from the parking area, the temple offers a delightful shopping experience in the nearby market. Join the Aarti ceremony for a truly mystical experience. The Brajeshwari Temple is one of the top attractions in Kangra. And you can take cabs from Agra to Delhi with DuraCabs.

Kareri Lake

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Explore the picturesque Kareri Lake, also known as Kumarawah Lake, located at an altitude of 2,934 meters above sea level. It is a shallow, freshwater lake surrounded by extensive pasturelands. The lake’s pristine waters flow out as a stream known as Nyund. This high-altitude lake offers excellent water visibility, making it a unique destination for nature lovers.

The snow melting from the Dhauladhar range serves as the water source for this high altitude lake, and the pristine water from the Kareri Lake then outflows in the form of a stream known as Nyund. Since the water supply to the lake is provided by melting snow, and the lake is quite shallow; the water visibility is very high, and in most of the places, the lake bed is visible.

Indrahar Pass Trek

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The journey to Indrahar Pass is quite easy, it is the most picturesque route starting from Mcleodganj. You can easily spot the Pit Panjal range and other smaller ranges on either sides. The scenic beauty of this trek is so spellbinding, even the simplest conifers and mountain ranges appear majestic. April to October is the prime time for trekking on this pass. And you can take cabs from Agra to Firozabad with DuraCabs.

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