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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Chitrakoot


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Pilgrims circumambulate this hill with the belief that doing so will remove their suffering. The name of Kamadgiri is derived from Kamadnathji, another name of Lord Rama and it meant fulfiller of all wishes. Some part of Kamadgiri Mountain falls in Uttar Pradesh, while some in Madhya Pradesh. Kamadgiri sees a throng of devotees during the Chaitra month to revel in the festivities of Ram Navami and Deepavali. A grand fair also has this every month on Amavasya (full moon day).

Gupt Godavari

gupt godavari chitrakoot

It is a pair of caves, with a small entrance through which one can barely pass. From the second cave water flows in the form of streams. Lord Rama and Lakshmana once had their secret meetings.

Although Chitrakoot is primarily a spiritual destination, there are some surprises hidden here for the adventurous traveller. One has to wonder how this cave remains largely unknown to the world, despite its mystical charm matching the list of Elephanta Caves, Ajanta and Ellora Caves. This place is slowly becoming the most popular destination in India due to the mysterious charm of nature.


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Ramghat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chitrakoot. The serene ghat lining the Mandakini River is where Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman appeared in front of the famous poet Tulsidas and he used to sit on the riverside and write Ram Charitra Manas. Ramghat is the centre of all religious activities in Chitrakoot and the most popular bathing ghat. 

Hanuman Dhara

hanuman dhara chitrakoot

A stream of water falling on the idol of Lord Hanuman in a pond.

Hanuman Dhara is the name of the spring which sprouted from a rock when Lord Ram shot an arrow into it to calm down an enraged Hanuman when he came to this place to extinguish the fire that was caught in his tail after he returned from burning Lanka.

Sphatik Shila

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It is said that Sita and Rama were relaxing here and a crow pecked the feet of goddess Sita which agitated lord Rama and he took off the eyes of the crow, however the crow was actually a form of Jayant, son of Lord Indra.

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