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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Bhuj

White Desert of Kutch

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Also known as the Great Rann of Kutch, the White Desert is a vast area of pristine white salt desert often explored for its natural beauty and ecological importance. Also known as the world’s largest salt desert, it stretches from the mouth of River Indus to the Gulf of Kutch. The contrasting landscape of the White Desert is one of a kind in India and draws tourists in large numbers. As a Bollywood filming location, the White Desert of Kutch is scrutinized due to its location on the India-Pak border. The White Desert is cited with numerous sanctuaries for wildlife, floral and wetland preservation. And you can also rent a self-drive car from DuraCabs.

Mandvi Beach

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Situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Mandvi Beach is a pristine and tranquil seashore which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. In addition to being a laidback beach location, Mandvi Beach is popular for its camping and water sports facilities.

Near Vijay Vilas Palace estate in Bhuj, Mandvi Beach is a secluded destination with clean water and a beautiful view. Enjoy a long shore walk, witnessing the sunset, or indulge in bird spotting to discover Kutch’s beauty through its fauna.

Another activity to pursue here is camel ride, which takes you on a round of the entire property as you bobble up and down on this majestic animal’s back, or practice some yoga to the tune of the gentle sea. With its tranquil surroundings being it’s most alluring quality, Mandvi Beach makes for an enchanting rendezvous with nature and its beauty. And you can also book tempo traveler from DuraCabs.

Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

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Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, 100 km from Bhuj, is among the world’s largest periodical saline wetlands, showcasing unique biodiversity. Colloquially known as the “Flamingo City” this is the largest wildlife sanctuary with a vast expanse of about 7505.22 sq. km. Situated in proximity to the submerged 5000-year-old Harappan civilisation of Dholavira, the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary also cites various fossils. Excessive salt deposits here give the sanctuary a pure white surface that attracts all the more uniqueness. Due to its proximity to the Indo-Pak border, authorities restrict some parts of Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary to the public. There are some BSF areas as well. And you can take cabs from Agra to Gurugram with DuraCabs.

Aina Mahal

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Constructed in the mid-18th century during Lakhpatji’s rule, Aaina Mahal is known as the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ for its beauty. Ram Singh Malam, an artist trained in Europe for 17 years, took responsibility for engineering, architecture, and embellishment, seeking fame in India. The king asked him to create the palace of dreams, and thus the Aina Mahal came into existence under his craftsmanship. The 2001 earthquake in Bhuj shook the once-proud structure with glittering glasses, antique clocks, and exotic tile works, leaving it disheveled. The tragic loss has now recovered, and people can safely visit it again after renovation. The Aina Mahal is at the northeast corner of Hamirsar lake, easily walkable from most of Bhuj. Explore the palace compound outside for beautiful carved doorways, elaborate window boxes, and balconies. And you can take cabs from Agra to Delhi with DuraCabs.

Hamirsar Lake

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Hamirsar Lake is the heart of Bhuj town and located in the western end of Kutch, Gujarat. People consider this lake an oasis between saline and arid Kutch. The kings built the lake to fulfil the domestic needs of people of Bhuj in ancient times. Hamirsar Lake had a developed system with channels and tunnels carrying water from three rivers to fill town reservoirs. But the earthquake of 2001 in Bhuj gravely disturbed and distorted this water system. Bhuj’s municipality and people took initiatives to restore the water system, meeting the community’s needs and reviving it. They achieved this in 2003. The water of Hamirsar Lake became potable. They named this manmade lake after Rao Hamir, a Jadega ruler who ruled around 450 years ago. Considered the father of Rao Khengarji, Rao Hamir founded the Jadeja dynasty in Kutch. And you can take cabs from Agra to Firozabad with DuraCabs.

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