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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Badrinath

Badrinath Temple


 Badrinath, known for the sacred Badrinath temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple stands in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, perched on the Garhwal hill tracks near the Alaknanda River. Nestled between the Nar and Narayan mountain ranges, the Temple lies in the background.

Saint Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have founded the Badrinath temple, which is situated at an altitude of 10,279 feet. The temple houses a black stone idol of Lord Vishnu which is 1m tall and is considered to be one of the 8 swayam vyakta kshetras or self-manifested statues of Vishnu. It also finds its mention in the 108 Divya Desams devoted to Lord Vishnu in India.


charanpaduka badrinath

Charanpaduka, believed to be the footprints of Lord Vishnu, is a rock located 3 km from Badrinath. Every year, hundreds of pilgrims and tourists visit this boulder stone, which authorities deem as a religious site. People believe that Lord Vishnu set his foot first on earth here. 

Narayan Parvat positions Charan Paduka, which is just three kilometers away from Badrinath town. You can trek up till the hill which will take hardly 1.5 hours to complete. Its etymology easily draws attention to an extraordinary person.

Tapt Kund

Tapt Kund

Tapt Kund, believed to be the home of Lord Agni, is a natural hot water spring near the shiv Temple. Located by the Alaknanda riverbank, visitors take therapeutic baths here. People believe that the water of the kund has medicinal properties and can cure various skin diseases. Devotees take a dip in the Tapt Kund before visiting shiv Temple.

Pilgrims come to this pond, famous for purifying the soul, to get rid of their sins. People believe that the Kund’s thermal energy, which is said to be much greater than most water bodies, originated from Lord Shiva’s Kapala (Head). The bathing area has separate arrangements for men and women. 

Brahma Kapal

Brahma Kapal Ghat AGKD

Brahma Kapal, situated on the banks of the Alakananda River and located in the vicinity of Badrinath temple in Badrinath Town, is a sacred ghat. The distance from Badrinath Bus Stand to it is 1 km.

Brahma Kapal is a flat platform which is of great importance for Hindus who perform rituals and pay homage to the departed souls and also offer Shraddha to their ancestors at this place. People say that Lord Brahma exists at this place and thus if someone performs Rituals and Shraddha Karma for the departed souls of their family, they attain salvation from the cycle of birth and death. It is situated just 100 meters north of the shiv Temple.

People believe that Brahma Kapal is the place where Lord Shiva was freed from the curse of killing Brahma. People also believe that Shiva’s trident caused Brahma’s head to fall off here at Brahma Kapal. The Sheshnetra, Charanpaduka and the Mata Murthy Temple are nearby attractions that hold religious significance.

Bheem Pul

punyakshetras Bheem Pul in Badrinath

The Bheem pul is located at the point where the Saraswati river meets River Alaknanda at a tremendous speed. Legend has it that when the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata were taking their final journey to heaven called swargarohan, they happened to pass through a point near the this Temple, where they had to cross the Saraswati river. When his wife, Draupadi, was unable to cross the river, Bhima brought a huge rock and placed it above the river stream. People now know that rock as the Bheem Pul and it is located in Mana village near Badrinath. If you visit the Bheem Pul, you will also find a shop that advertises itself as the last shop on this side of the Indian border.

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