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These are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Arki

Arki Fort

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Rana Prithvi Singh built this fort and has now turned it into a heritage hotel. It has history full of bloodshed and has witnessed battles where the Gurkhas had displayed great valour and bravery. Architects built this fort with a blend of Rajput and Mughlai styles of architecture, and it is also influenced by Rajasthani aesthetics. Equipped with beautiful paintings, which reflect the Pahari style of art. And you can also rent tempo traveler from DuraCabs.


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Built by Ram Shara Singh, the Diwan-i-Khas or Audience Hall is a glorious building which houses paintings and frescos of myriad styles like the Rajasthani, Kullu, Kangra and Arki forms of art.

This astonishing juxtaposition of paintings in such varied forms is overwhelming, which makes this place a must-visit for all tourists. These paintings depict a variety of emotions and situations with utmost brilliance. And you can also rent a self-drive car from DuraCabs.

Arki Palace

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This palace, located on the western bit of Himalayas, houses countless paintings, frescos, sculptures, arms and artifacts. In the palace, people know the wall painting of Kalidasa’s Kumarasambhava as well as many imprints of the Baghal dynasty.

Browse murals made in the Arki Kalam style as well as paintings based on folklore. One can also get a view of the entire city from the palace. And you can take cabs from Agra to Firozabad with DuraCabs.

Luturu Mahadev Temple

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This temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, sits on the top of a hill in the most rugged and inaccessible area. The King had a dream that Lord Shiva himself asked him to build the temple. The Shikhara Style influences the architecture of this temple, making it a quintessential example of structures standing through the test of time. And you can take cabs from Agra to Delhi with DuraCabs.

Laxminarayan Temple

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This temple is 1000 years old and is one of the very few temples which were not destroyed by the invading Muslims during the medieval periods.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Narasimhan, this temple adorns beautiful sculptures and figurines which boast of artistic finesse. And you can take cabs from Agra to Gurugram with DuraCabs.

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