Navratri Dhamaka
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At the meat of New Delhi stands the 42 m high India Gate as well as an “Arc de Triomphe” like patronizing in the mediate of a crossroad. Almost like to its French counterpart, it commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during World War I.

The commemoration bears the names of more than 13,516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan War of 1919.


The subtitle associated with cars on rent in Navratri tells about the great conflict betwixt the powerful demon Mahishasura and Goddess Duran. Lord Brahma blessed Mahishasura with immortality, on the delineate that only a woman could have defeated the powerful Mahishasura.

Armed with the blessings of immortality and self confidence, Mahishasura attacked the Trilogy earth,’ heaven as well as and hell. Since only a woman could have defeated him, not even the gods stood an adventure against him.

The worried gods prayed to Lord Brahma as well as Lord Vishnu,’ and Lord Shiva to help them subdue their superlative enemy. Seeing the incapacitated deities, Lord Vishnu decided to be Maa Duran to subdue Mahishasura because as per the boon of Lord Brahma, only a woman could subdue the demon.

Now as well as Lord Shiva, also known as the God of Destruction, is the most right deity. So everyone reached out to him for help.

Then Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma unitedly gave all their powers to the woman created by Lord Vishnu to pulverize Mahishasura. Lord Shiva was believed to have an avatar of Goddess Duran in his consort,’ Goddess Parfait.

Shake other avatar of Goddess Parfait is the goddess of power ran finished the universe.


After the three right Gods—Brahma, Vishnu and Marsh Shiva —created Goddess Duran, she fought with Mahishasura for 15 long days. It was a fight that shook the trilok—earth, eden and hell.

During the fight, the intelligent Mahishasura kept changing his form to confound his opposing Goddess Duran. Ultimately, when the demon took the form of a buffalo,’ the Goddess Duran pierced his chest with her ‘Trisha’ a forked weapon killing him instantly.

On each day of Navaratri as well as people idolize clear cut avatars of Goddess Duran. People idolize Goddess Shailputri on the first day and Goddess Brahmacharini on the unconventional day.

On the third day people pay court to Goddess Chandraghanta. On the fourthly day, Goddess Kushmanda was worshiped; on the fifth day Goddess Skandamata was worshiped; on the sixth day Goddess Katyayani was worshiped; on the one seventh day Goddess Kaalratri was worshiped; on the one eighth day Goddess Mahagauri was worshiped and on the last and final day people idolize the Goddess Siddhidatri.

The car on rent in the Navratri Mete that celebrates the subdue of Mahishasura by Goddess Duran signifies the triumph of good over evil. In some parts of India, people observed fast during Navaratri.

On the last day the do puma and break their fast.

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